Minibus rental

Minibus-Mercedes-516-CDIMinibus rental is our most wanted service. Minibus rental comes with proffesional driver. This type or transport is suitable for companies or larger groups. We always get on time, whether it is a Team Building, congressional tourism or sightseeing and tourism tours through Serbia and we guarantee the best service.In our fleet we have two mercedes minibuses. Minibuses are brand new and equiped with all entertainment gadgets so your trip goes by a lot faster. Beside standard equipment, we can also add comfortable seats for every passenger. We also have two HD monitors and a lot of movies and songs in our media box. Also, there is an equipment for karaoke. Beside entertainment, we also offer free drink and wet wipes.

Minibus MercedesBefore every rental, the minibus is checked for any potential problems. So far we didn’t have any problems but we are always prepared for any type of problem that may occur during the long drives. Our proffesional drivers can also repair the minibus to some level of problem. If they were not successful, don’t worry, our maintenance team will come at your location as soon as possible to fix the problem.

We often transport sports teams to the games or sports training in another city. Also, our popular choise is team building, where we drive workpeople on a weekend to spend in nature or to any other city in Serbia or farther.