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We are the most popular limousine service in New York.

Belgrade Airport Shuttle Transfer

If you need a transport from Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla or any other airport in Serbia and countries around, you are at the right place. We offer airport shuttle passenger transfer for any group no matter depending on its size. We can successfully transfer only one passenger or a whole bus!

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Minivan Transport

Minivan transport is suitable for a group up to ten people. Most minivans have 8+1 seat. Minivan transport is suitable for longer trips and faster transfer. Our minivans comes with a proffesional drivers who speaks several languages so your trip can be more comfortable and safer in any way. We offer a free drinks and wet wipes to freshen up.

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Minibus Rental

Minibus rental is our most wanted service. Minibus rental comes with proffesional driver. This type or transport is suitable for companies or larger groups. We always get on time, whether it is a Team Building, congressional tourism or sightseeing and tourism tours through Serbia and we guarantee the best service.

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Bus Rental

Bus rental is ment for larger groups of people. We can offer transfer from any location you desire on the whole territory of Serbia or contries near by. In our offer there are luxiry setra buses with modern equipment and gadgets to make your trip easier. If needed, we can also arrange a tourist guide if you want to go sightseeing…

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Organized Tours

On your behalf, we can organize tourism tours throught Serbia or any other country in the neighborhood. If the tour would last more that one day, we can also reserve a hotel and make a tour plan. Our driver will be all the time by your side. To make your trip perfect, we can hire a proffesional tourist guide on your language…

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Limo transfers Belgrade

If you are a VIP person of any kind, limo transfer is your choise. We can offer you luxury vehicles like Mercedes E class and S class, Peugeot of BMW. With limos comes our expirienced drivers to make your trip more pleasurable. By your choise, we can organize airport transfer or a private limo transfer.

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